The 7 Deadly Sins

Creative Development, Art Direction, Branding.
Year: 2020

The 7 Deadly Sins pop up often in popular culture, but where did they come from? And what should they mean to us, if anything?

Village Church decided to do a deep-dive into what these seven sins are, how they manifest in our lives, and what we can do to curb them from vice to virtue. 

Our first creative project shot during the pandemic, we developed a cinematic and gritty brand and art direction to make the at-home viewing experience something special.

Dark, dramatic, moody lighting punctuated with greens and reds gave the space the feeling of a late night lit up by passing bar signs. It created the perfect setting to discusses the edgier and more serious subject matter we were broaching throughout the series.
In this space, we created a series of seven vignettes to explore and explain each of the seven sins before the teaching for each week started. We wanted to give context and show what each concept could look like in our more nuanced, modern lives.

We then designed and built a complimenting set for shooting the music pieces for each week’s service. Mimicking the venue we shot the vignettes and teachings in, the simplified set felt more dramatic and artistic, and allowed us room to take our multi-cam setup and lighting design to the next level.

Each topic was given its own type treatment to reflect the essence of each sin. Visuals were distressed, grunge, and grainy to reflect the idea that, even when they seem harmless, the deadly sins are destructive - they wear away at us when they become our vices.