SRAM Eagle Transmission - “The Dream Delivered”

Art Direction, Design
Agency: Good Fortune Collective
Year: 2023

SRAM MTB was ready to launch a range of best-in-class groupsets that fundamentally improve the experience of shifting a mountain bike. Robust, rebuildable, and simple to install, SRAM Eagle Transmission is a mountain biker’s dream, delivered.

As the most significant product in SRAM’s portfolio, and with a legendary reputation in the cycling industry, the Eagle Transmission launch was a significant milestone for mountain biking technology. 

A critical part of making this campaign successful was product education. We took the opportunity to show, not just tell, riders what the new generation of Eagle has to offer. And not just for pro athletes wielding their Eagle transmissions to win world championships, but for the weekend warriors ripping with their buds on backyard trails.

From sophisticated cassette tech to the new full-mount derailleur system, the first point of contact for most riders seeking technical details was SRAM’s website.

Instead of providing a simple tech breakdown with specs, we wanted to tell an inspiring story. We developed a series of artfully designed custom web waterfalls that cleverly utilized SRAM’s existing web architecture.
Compelling narratives married with captivating visuals and concise language demystify any engineering jargon so that riders can know exactly how Eagle Transmission delivers the dream MTB riding experience.

A key feature of the new Eagle system was its easy setup and maintenance. SRAM’s global reach meant we needed to create a way to teach riders how to install and take care of their Eagle Transmissions in a way that didn’t rely on language.

Our solve? A series of stylized, wordless how-to videos taking riders step-by-step through how to install, maintain, and fully understand their Eagle Transmission parts.

After collaborating with 3D artists, photographers, and the internal SRAM team, we were inspired to go 54 steps above and beyond.

As an added bonus, our team created a series of 54 posters celebrating the artwork we created for the Eagle campaign, to be admired in trade show displays, corporate offices... or the middle of the forest.