The Book of Psalms

Brand Design, Art Direction, Stage Design.
Creative Direction: Glass Canvas
Year: 2019

The Psalms are a compilation of songs written honestly and vulnerably about people’s relationship to the Divine in the midst of joy, pain, suffering, and thanksgiving. Village Church decided to do a multi-week exploration through the first fourty Psalms as a congregation, unpacking the common themes and how they still provide wisdom, comfort, and a point of reflection for us today.

The brand needed to thematically communicate the idea of the prayers of people rising upwards to God, the challenge and authenticity of people wrestling with life and faith, as well as the dynamic range of emotions present in the book.
Under the initial Creative Direction of Glass Canvas, I created the main artwork for the series (with the help of an old office printer/scanner combo), and then developed an identity system around it.

Because this series was so emotive, it was critical that stage and lighting design created a space where people felt safe and encouraged to express themselves earnestly.
Upwards movement of the lights, paired with pillars of light that matched the brand’s artwork gave a cohesive look and feel to the experience, while allowing creative space to tailor the lighting cues to each song for maximum impact.

The visual identity system stretched across stage graphics, social media posts, and (by request) even t-shirts.

Our music department was so inspired by the response to the series that they wrote an EP of songs based on a few of their favourite Psalms.

We built out a brand for the EP that fit with the overall Psalms brand, but felt a little different - more colourful, and a little more hopeful.