16/17 Magazine

Design Direction, Layout Design
Year: 2017
Each year, meaningful stories of transformation and community were happening among the people of Village Church - but in a multi-site church of thousands, those stories weren’t always shared. As the new year began, Village wanted to tell these stories, alongside stats and data, to create a compelling narrative about what had happened in the past year, and to cast vision for the year to come. 

I approached this year-end report like a yearbook - a keepsake that people could look back on fondly to remember the people and moments they were a part of directly or indirectly.
On a functional level, the magazine needed to present data - including financial information and attendance stats  - in a transparent and approachable way.  

A die-cut on the textured cover was a more modern nod to traditional cloth-bound yearbooks, and served to elevate the magazine to be more than just a year-end report - it was something worth saving and keeping.

Dynamic photos paired with infographics created a compelling narrative - that something good was happening at Village, and that the numbers, ultimately, represented people being cared for, which was the most important story of them all.