Anything Goes

Branding, Art Direction, Stage Design, Print Design. -
Creative Direction: Glass Elephant
Year: 2019
The Christian church doesn't generally have a reputation for being open to hearing people's biggest, riskiest, most personal questions and skepticisms about Christianity. Village Church wanted to change that.

Anything Goes was a seven-week series of sermons answering people’s biggest questions about Christianity and the Church. Anyone could submit their most pressing, most honest, and most controversial questions to be voted on as the weekly sermon topic. They were then answered candidly in a series of seven weekly sermons.

The brand needed to feel bold, confrontational,
and dynamic to invite and urge people to be honest
and unfiltered with their questions.

We chose a type-driven direction featuring variable weights and a mix of characters to emphasize that any shape and all kinds of questions were welcome.
Bright yellows and reds helped the brand feel eye-catching, and a little brazen. The tone of the series was meant to be cheeky - the questions were taken seriously, but the edge of humour in the branding and messaging helped to soften the vulnerability it took for people to ask their most sincere questions.

A key part of the series’ roll-out was the website, which enabled people to both submit their questions and vote for the topics they most wanted covered.
A print invite card was handed out at each of the five Village Church sites for people to share with friends and family. A clear foil on the front helped emphasize the logo and added eye-catching dimension.

The stage design needed to incorporate the branding and allow for an attention-grabbing experience that matched the tone of the content - candid, honest, no-holds-barred.

A social media campaign promoted the series from question submission to voting, to promoting each week’s topic.
We had a week all about aliens, so we had to ask the hardest question of all - which alien is the greatest of all time? It was an opportunity to bring some humour to the brand, while increasing engagement on our social platforms.  (My vote was for Jar-Jar.)